anti-hair loss



Most ingredients are natural.

They give your hair a great look and make it stronger than ever.

Active Ingredients:
Trichogen®VEG - especially design formula rich with protein and melanin precursors, vitamins PP and B5, biotin and vegetable extracts prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth.
Polyplant Hair™ - is a complex of vegetable extracts containing Arnica, Great Burdock, Watercress, Calendula, Ivy, Lemon, Chamomile, White Nettle, Pine, Rosemary and Sage. This composition of ingredients very effectively prevents hair loss.
Horsetail extract - boosts shine and strengthens hair.
Inulin - Inuline leaves your hair nourished and radiant.
D-panthenol - has moisturising properties, regenerates hair structure, and prevents split ends.



Apply the content on the dry scalp and massage gently- do not rinse. Use every day for minimum 2 weeks.