anti-hair loss



"Made my hair better after the first use, totally recommend this, amazing product, easy to use, no need to rinse. I have bought this product second time already. There are 15 ampules in the box and one dispenser that can be attached to each capsule. the delivery was very fast, took about 3 days to get to London. I love the way capsule feels on my scalp, a bit cold. I apply it every day a few drops all over my scalp and then massage it for a minute or two. there no need to rinse the product, which is very convenient for using it. the liquid itself is yellowish, smells nice but the smell is very light.
the results were seen after the very first application - made hair smoother and stronger. after one month of using it, I am addicted! I love this product. I naturally have wavy, fine, frizzy hair that lives a life of its own! But this product helps my hair to look healthier, shiny and stronger. Hopefully, I will see even better results over time! in addition, I see how little hairs have started to grow on my scalp - which obviously shows that the product is working."

David Manchester:
"I have thinning hair & I am very impressed with this product. I have been using it for 4 weeks, every other day. My hair has started to regrow. I am very pleased as my hair was coming out from the root with no regrowth for approx 3 months & since using this product I have new growth of approx 3 cm. Wished I had found this product earlier."

"Bought this about a month ago from the pharmacy. Had heard from a work colleague that it was good.
To my surprise, it actually does seem to work. Has definitely decreased the rate of hair loss, also smells pretty good."

"I have been using these for 3weeks+ now and I have started to see positive results. I suffered from traction alopecia about 5 years ago and my front hair hasn't been the same ever since. It's been so bad that I was beginning to consider hair transplant as I'm only 26."

"I have been using Kerastim Pro for 4 weeks now (two weeks of daily application, followed by two weeks of applying the product every other day) and the results are astonishing! I have tried so many hair loss products in the past and none of them came even close! I have so much more hair now, can see a big difference when parting my hair (went from a bald patch to what I would consider almost normal hair). I now have so many baby hair all over the scalp, so I am hoping for even better results when these grow out. There is still room for improvement so I will be continuing to use the product. It is worth every penny, highly recommended!"

"Amazing product does what it says. I'm now in my third week of using it and have noticed a huge difference. Every time I brushed or washed my hair before, my hair would fall out in clumps, after using this for two weeks I noticed my hair hardly ever comes out now. This product is one of the very few I would highly recommend!"

"After 3 weeks of start using this amazing product I start seeing the results. It does what it says, my hair is longer, healthier and thicker. And I can see little hair growing in every part of my scalp."



Apply the content on the dry scalp and massage gently- do not rinse. Use every day for minimum 2 weeks.